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Aino 3/2018


Joy Wolfram believes that instead of safe research proposals, crazy ideas are needed when trying to save lives.

Aino 3/2018

Treat as Loaded

Why does one fire a gun? We talked to three students of Aalto to find out.

Aino 2/2018


Katri Naukkarinen photographed symbols of hierarchy in Tokyo and sat down with Haruka Furukawa, head of Startups at Slush Tokyo, to talk about the hierarchical and gendered working culture holding together Japan’s gigantic economy.

Aino 2/2018

One Step Ahead

Andreas Saari only just started as the new CEO of Slush. Nonetheless, he already knows what he wants to do after that.

Aino 1/2018

Hard and Soft

Instead of Scandinavian design, Man Yau sculpts dolphins and porcelain bongs.

Aino 1/2018

Inside Joke

Racist jokes were encouraged at a student actives’ party, and a student association’s chairman posed on Instagram as a colonial lord. are the values of diversity highlighted on Aalto’s policy papers in danger of being diluted On the grass-roots level of student activities?

Aino 1/2018

The Weight on My Shoulders

Running a family business wasn’t Mona Grannenfelt’s dream.

Aino 4/2017

With Risk

The only thing as volatile as the movie industry is the restaurant business. Mark Lwoff has taken on both.

Aino 4/2017

Here Comes a Politician

People claim that young Finnish people are politically lazy. Yet there are exceptions, like Mikko Laakso, Hanna Huumonen and Hilkka Kemppi who are more interested in policymaking than partying. How and why did they end up giving out pamflets as teenagers?

Aino 4/2017

Paper War

Scientific publishing is controlled by a handful of big publishing houses. Their policies are vert costly for libraries and researchers. Juuso Tervo joined the boycott to fight these giants.

Aino 3/2017

Bartering with Genomes

A Finnish man spat in a test tube to find out if he would go bold or get cancer. Over the past ten years, easy at-home genetic tests have had a drastic rise in popularity, even though the tester may never know whose hands their genetic information ends up in.

Aino 3/2017

Who’s Afraid of Bang?

Heli ”Bang Bang” Mäenpää is a cult figure in the creative industry and is behind many well-known personal brands. We met her in Kallio and Paukkula, to find out where Bang Bang ends and Heli begins

Aino 2/2017

Jaffa 38.48

IRC-Galleria’s founder Jari Jaanto’s self-confidence was shattered in grade school. Had it not been for the bullying, Jaffa would probably never have been immersed so deep into the Internet as he was, and a social networking site that unified an entire generation would not have been founded.

Aino 2/2017


Derek Holzer is a cool and successful sound artist who brings a flare of Frisco and Berlin to Otaniemi. We asked him, if going back to school was a sign of a mid-life crisis.

Aino 1/2017

Essay: On Free Speech

Criminalizing hate speech will only result in more violence, Ali Sadeghi writes.

Aino 1/2017

Women’s Fault

In Finland there are 155 municipalities in which there lives significantly more young men than women. And when a Finnish man is left on his own devices he becomes depressed and alcoholic and even dies prematurely. Aino took a look into the nightly lives of young men in the town of Heinola. 

Aino 1/2017

Fear of Commitment

Aalto University wishes to raise changemakers but separates science from politics and leaves out societal impact from its courses. The result is a student body not interested in a better world. 

Aino 4/2016

Suomen Diaries

When international students settle in Finland, they make innumerable cultural observations about quirky little things that Finns never notice. Param Jolly, an international student himself, writes about some of these surprising tales and his own experiences.


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